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A college or university is a complex entity, with numerous factors to consider, and distilling these down to the place where meaningful comparisons can be made to form a defensible ranking list becomes part science and part art.

To meet this challenge—and thereby provide you with the most useful and insightful educational rankings on the Internet—The Best formulates our rankings based on five informational categories (six, when considering online schools).

Online students have access to academic advisers, career services, online tutoring, and library services.

Need more convincing that online colleges and online universities are the smart choice?

Penn State World Campus graduates earn the same degree as traditional Penn State students.

Graduates can join the largest alumni network in the United States, another factor that makes this one of the best online schools.

The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these (with expanded, detailed considerations and weights listed): 1.

Academic excellence based on a school’s curriculum generally or within the selected discipline [weight = 25%] Because students tend to review a variety of information when choosing a school, the weight a student gives any one criterion will vary.

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