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Now imagine that closer examination of the clinical trial revealed that it showed nothing of the kind: it compared against the wrong drugs.And imagine that a more relevant clinical trial—mostly unmentioned in the press—had been done, and discovered that when you compare to the right drugs, the drugs do better.

Lidar also clarified that he not only doesn’t dispute what Matthias Troyer told me about the lack of speedup of the D-Wave device compared to classical simulated annealing in their experiments, but “fully agrees, endorses, and approves” of it—and indeed, that he himself was part of the team that did the comparison.Let me try to summarize the main point I’ve been trying to get across this whole time. (*) D-Wave founder Geordie Rose claims that D-Wave has now accomplished its goal of building a quantum computer that, in his words, is “better at something than any other option available.” This claim has been widely and uncritically repeated in the press, so that much of the nerd world now accepts it as fact.However, the claim is not supported by the evidence currently available.And as for the startup’s misleading claims to the public? If you can’t tune out the PR and concentrate on the science, that’s your own damn problem.In summary, the real issue isn’t what some clinical trial did or didn’t show; it’s and your hostile attitude.” In a different context, these sorts of responses would be considered strange, and the need to resort to them revealing. (Interestingly, in excusing D-Wave’s statements, some commenters explicitly defended standards of intellectual discourse so relaxed that, as far as I could tell, say on this blog, which is not OK!

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It appears that, while the D-Wave machine does outperform certain off-the-shelf solvers, simulated annealing codes have been written that outperform the D-Wave machine on its own native problem when run on a standard laptop.

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