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It is so self-interested and difficult to stomach,' she says.'My fiance Marcus and I would like to start a family, but even renting a two-bedroom flat would add another £700 to our monthly outgoings, which we can't afford.'My parents are sad for us, but they have elderly parents and two other children.It's not their responsibility to get me on the property ladder.'Well, quite, you can imagine many baby boomers saying.According to new research, 60 per cent of millennials think their elders 'had it easy' in terms of job security and home ownership.

But many will agree that the job market is much tougher in this new globalised world we inhabit — Rebecca says she struggled to find a foothold in the world of work, despite her long years of education.

All I want is a small property and enough money to buy a dress from Topshop every now and then.

That's less than my parents had.'Though Rebecca insists her father Tim, 54, a lawyer, and mother Charlotte, 53, a writer, have been nothing but supportive, the fact they could buy their three-bedroom London home while they were in their early 20s must grate.'Buying to let means there are fewer places available for the rest of us.

Indeed, research shows two out of three of those born during the population explosion following World War II would rather spend their children's inheritance than pass it on.

But are the baby boomers really to blame for their children's financial misfortune?

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I try not to feel resentful — not always successfully.'It wasn't as if I wanted to be a millionaire with a swimming pool full of flamingos.

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