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We’re playing to an audience, even if that audience is just the people from high-school that we’ve reconnected with because we wanted to see if they were still hot and/or single.for this beyond everyone being profoundly self-involved: as it turns out, talking about ourselves literally makes us feel good. I'm basically the same person I was at ten years old, just wiser. Do this; this is what's important." That's what you learn with age. Degree by degree by degree, I feel we have lost our morality. Darkest day of my coaching career in forty-seven years was at my first head-coaching job at a major college -- West Virginia. For those folks, that game is like Florida State-Florida or Auburn-Alabama. A meal is not complete until you've had some chocolate. Is America a better place now than fifty years ago?

Consider practicing these in the mirror; notice how different an innocuous phrase can seem when you’ve tilted your chin up vs. Keep in mind: this is a too quickly under normal circumstances – myself included.

If you don't discipline your children, the sheriff's gonna. We had been dating since she was thirteen or fourteen. Well, we were so in love with each other, we couldn't control it.

I don't know if you can tell a lot, but you can tell something by the way a man shakes your hand. You ain't gonna get to the top unless you've got a little poise.

Think of a used car-salesman; you’re not sure , but you just know he’s trying to scam you, so you instinctively don’t trust him.

Deliberately slowing down your cadence makes you sound calmer and less anxious – and, more importantly, like you’re not about to sell them on your brilliant get rich quick scheme.

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