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They also refused to cooperate with the UN committee charged with supervising implementation of the General Assembly resolution.At the same time, the Arabs living in the district destined to become part of the Jewish state began evacuating their homes and moving to the Arab states neighboring Palestine at the orders of the Arab High Committee." In the midst of confusion, the rioting continued with almost 1,000 Jews murdered by Arabs in the ensuing four months.The narrow, winding road and the overweight vehicles made easy targets.Many were destroyed and the conveys of badly needed food and other supplies weren't making it to Jerusalem, Hunger reigned.The next day Arab rioting began, and two weeks later volunteers from surrounding Arab countries began arriving into Palestine to fight the Jews.The British, happy to be out of the situation, were packing up to go and turned their backs on what was going on.The Kastel was the site of an ancient fortress and the Arab forces used the position as the staging area for attacks on the convoys.

They also announced that they would not cooperate in the execution of the partition plan and that they would depart from Palestine by May 15, 1948.(Interestingly, until its independence in 1947, they had the same size force controlling India with a population of over 350 million!) And so it came to pass that the British turned the matter over to the UN which decided to end the British Mandate over what was left of "Palestine" (after the creation of the country of Jordan) and to divide the remaining land among the Arabs and Jews, based on the demographic reality within the country.The residents of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City were completely cut off.The most intense fighting for control of the road to Jerusalem took place at the Kastel in the mountains to west of Jerusalem.

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As disappointed as the Jews were with the portion allotted for the Jewish state, they felt that something was better than nothing after all the waiting and the pain.

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