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Our first meeting was not very pleasant, because my dog was anxious to say hello to his dog, and his dog wasn't really minding, but his Master was not at all into it.I met the man and his dog a couple of days later, and pet his lovely ten month old boy, Peyton (another sure sign of a dog cult member).I advised him that if he sees me in the neighborhood with my big, goofy dog and he gallops over to say hello that he is really friendly so not to be alarmed. This man sort of cursed me out on our previous meeting.Then we got to blabbing about non-poopscoopers, and getting our dogs to listen, and some of the frustrations, and ended on a positive note.I am still glad that I was the one that got bit, as I was standing in the street, and I would rather it be me instead of a defenseless lilttle kid.On that note, there are some really bad dog owners, but I do not consider them members of the Dog Cult.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

Because of his age and his early background, I watch him like a hawk and he responds well to my commands When there are no kids and other animals around I let him run which he loves to do. It was so funny, he just couldn't figure it out, while he was stretching out with his front feet, his back feet were planted firmly!

He went everywhere with me and he was my heart and soul. I can not imagine that the death of a child could be anymore painful. I've shared the last 18 years with a dog and 2 cats and can't imagine life without them.

Nicki B, I did not mean to discount the Cat People!

Since becoming a member of this cult, I have noticed that I have changed, and can almost instantly recognize fellow members.

The leaders of our cult carry plastic bags, and scoop up after their pets during the walk and elimination rituals.

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