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This consisted of a new, more modern header and home page, as well as a new profile layout option.

Users could also see who had visited their profiles (a feature which could be changed in settings).

The video informed users that the site would be taken down while the Bebo team developed the new product.

Many believed that this would be normal maintenance; however, it was revealed that the site would be closed for a few months.

Bebo is a social networking website launched in 2005.

A "Video Box" may be added, either hot-linked from You Tube or copied from a Bebo Media Content Provider's page.

Each Bebo User received a profile, which included two specific modules: a comment section where other users could leave a message, and a list of the user's friends. By default, when an account was created the profile was private, which limited access to friends specifically added.

The user could select the "Public Profile" option so the profile would still be visible to any other members of a school they may have joined.

It has been reported that AOL's finances were struggling.

The National Space Agency of Ukraine's RT-70 radio telescope sent 501 messages chosen by Bebo users, called A Message From Earth, toward planet Gliese 581c.

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