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Today they were being assigned their three man squads, and she was beyond excited.

Sakura giggled to herself and saw that her path had led her in front of the local flower shop, owned by her former best friend's family.

He sought her out a few months later and he gave his oath of allegiance to the village once they were married.

Sakura sighed at the story of her parent's love with a smile. Zipping on her knee length ninja shoes, she grabbed the keys to the house and locked the door behind her, covering her eyes from the sun.

The sign of his clan was bright against the dark color of his shirt."Sakura-chan! Not dwelling on it longer, she placed her hands in her lap again and looked forward, seeing who was all in the room with them.

"Suddenly she was slid next to Sasuke, their shoulders bumping as Naruto slid in next to her. They didn't wait long, for Iruka-sensei came in with a single piece of paper in his hands."Congratulations are in order, for today you all have become officially ninja. You'll be in a squad of three, and carry out your missions under you jonin teachers. "Naruto grinned at her and she smiled politely with a nod."And.. "Her heart skipped a beat and Naruto slammed his fist on the table in front of them, startling Sakura."Iruka-sensei!

They start out at age fourteen/fifteen, instead of twelve/thirteen.

"Looking up, she saw Naruto with a travel ready bowl of ramen from the ramen shop."Hey Naruto. "He wasted no time and sat next to her with a grin and a slight blush on his cheeks."Naruto? "She offered a bright smile and he made his way over anyways, and sat next to her."Hey, hey, Sakura-chan! ""You've sad that five times now you idiot.""Well it's true! "He grabbed a stool and eraser, before standing on the stool and jamming the eraser in the door."He's not going to fall for that weak booby trap idiot.""Well it's his fault for being late! "They followed him up a flight of stairs since they were already on the second story and soon they were sitting on a set of steps, with Kakashi leaning against the railing."Let's try an exercise. Future goal for yourselves and such.""You should go first! "With a wave she jumped off the building, determined to head home quickly and prepare.The smile turned into a frown as she thought of the petty rivalry between the two but shook it off.Finally, at the academy she entered the room where the meeting was held and smiled at an almost open bench.With her mind made up, she threw a kunai, letting Naruto free from the rope. You and Sasuke deserve to move on from here.""Sakura-chan! She looked around everywhere before feeling a hand grip her head and pulled her into the lake.In the shadows of the bright sun she moved closer to him, knealing behind the tree."Hey, Naruto! "He blocked her view from the fight, but they both saw the large fireball come from Sasuke."We need to attack him as a team, that's the only way to get the bells from him! Struggling against him, she managed to elbow his gut before he floated in front of him. "She was sunken in up to her nose before a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder roughly.

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