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I told him to park in the back so I parked further to the left of it that was crowded by cars so he wouldn’t see me.

If I would have gotten a really bad feeling about it and backed out for the 900th time, I would do so.

After looking through the chats after a while, I ended up chatting with a man named Tim who was a 45 year old bisexual white male.

I saw his picture and let me say if i thought he was very ugly I not have done it, I wasn’t doing it with just anyone.

Eventually I decided it was time, we talked for a while about where to meet, I believe he did offer his apartment but I believe I wasn’t comfortable enough thinking he was a serial killer or something.

Then when spring came I finally decided to start looking into doing it.Tim I believe worked for a sporting company or something in that ballpark and traveled a lot and lived in an apartment with a roommate if I remember correctly.I forget how long I actually talked to him but considering how scared I was, I would have probably of talked to him for a couple months stalling a lot.I was going through with this and I refused to wimp out and repeat everything again and most likely again after that.It was put up or shut up time and my temptation and curiosity reached a point where I couldn’t put it off any longer.

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I put my keys in my pocket and left my cell phone and wallet locked in the car.

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