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With her missing out on all of the fun, she knew that they were laughing at her while talking behind her back.She knew that they made fun of her for being dumb enough to still be a virgin.They all lied when they told her that they thought she was doing the right thing by waiting.They all looked at her cross-eyed and as if there was something wrong with her that she was still a virgin.

Her favorite toy, a real squeaker, was Donald Cock, her rubber ducky, as she intimately and appropriately named him. No doubt, if she had a cat or a dog, he'd be in here to see what was making that quacking sound. Fashioned in the shape of an underwater submersible, her yellow submarine was another vibrating toy that was waterproof too.

Seemingly, with them being such promiscuous sluts behind closed bedroom doors, men need to know that they shouldn't be the ones having all the fun but that their women want to have some sexy fun too.

Whether it's dress up or role play, women can be just as sexually imaginative as men, even more so.

Only, with her grandmother from another lifetime and another morally modest era, her grandmother was old fashioned.

After the promise she made to her grandmother to not have sexual intercourse and to remain a virgin until she was married, the stigma of her being a virgin has cast a dark shadow over her life long enough.

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Virginity meant more to her then than it does to women now.

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