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However, Amir's plans are ruined when he causes a car accident while trying to avoid the pursuing car. Actors : Maryam Amir-Jalali ( مريم امير جلالي ), Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ), Shaghayegh Farahani ( شقایق فراهانی‎ ), Hesam Navab Safavi ( سید حسام نواب‌صفوی ), Mohammad Reza Sharifinia ( محمدرضا شریفی نیا ), Pouria Poursorkh Two newly-wed couples head to the north of Iran to experience their honeymoons.

They eventually meet and decide to continue their journey together.

Mohammad is sent to an apartment situated in uptown Tehran to install their satellite dishes, while having satellite TV is illegal in Iran. See full summary » Ali is an Iranian exchange student from Iran who is studying medicine as a cardio resident in Mumbai.

By chance, he saves the life of one of his classmates Karishma, who has attempted ...

A lesson in morality, this well-shot film combines the hilariou...

Actors : Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ), Elnaz Shakerdoost ( الناز شاکردوست ), Hesam Navab Safavi ( سید حسام نواب‌صفوی ), Siroos Ebrahim-Zadeh, Gholam Hossein Lotfi, Shiva Khonyagar ( شیوا خنیاگر ), Tala Moeini, Ramsin Kebriti ( رامسین کبریتی ), Kioomars Malek Motiee, Ali Kheyri, Tooran Ghaderi, Rabeeh Oskooee , Parastoo Golestani ( پرستو گلستانی ), Parvin Meykadeh, Mahmoud Talebi, Sarvin Rafieian, Abolghasem Rezanejad, Fereshteh Madani, Elham Taj When a man is released from prison he suffers great hardship attempting to start all over again and adjust to society. Looking to fund their wedding, when the world shuts their dreams of fame and success, they have no choice but take a reckless, perilous route.

Two fellows find themselves in prison for thieving but it is actually their fortune because an old man before dying gives them a treasure map so after their release they try to find it but there are some problems.

Hayaei was introduced to acting during his time in the Iranian Air Force.He leaves behind his mother and fiancee, promising to return after saving enough money for the wedding.Utterly engrossed in his new life in the capital city, he encounters someone captiva...After her wedding to a young businessman, Roshi's life is suddenly engulfed by a series of paranormal events.Roshi is being haunted, and as the strange blackouts and inexplicable moving objects continue, her constant fear takes a heavy toll on her relationship with her husband. Amir wants nothing more than to escape: generally from his father, by leaving the country, and more immediately from a car full of angry men that is chasing him.

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Amin Hayaei is married to the Iranian actress Niloofar Khoshkholgh.

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