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"Ba'a Kol Da" is a deeply regretful song about the inability of life without the presence of a lover who is away.

"Fakra Zaman" is a cheerful youth anthem with a hint of sadness for the old days of childhood and teenage and how they were spent, and the effect of this concept of Ajram's way of thinking in the present.

Her 2008 album "Bitfakkar Fi Eih" spawned seven singles and won Nancy's first World Music Award as Best-selling Middle Eastern Artist, the youngest Arab WMA winner to date.

The music of 8 features R&B, ballad, pop rock and dance-pop styles in order to emphasize the singer's vocal abilities.Many critics compared the video to her breakthrough hit, "Akhasmak Ah".The conservative crew also have cast a very critical opinion on the provocative piece."Yalla", a standout party track, is an encouraging anthem about falling in love which incorporates foreign Pop sounds."Tisabeg El Rih" is a traditional love song inspired from Khaliji singing gatherings, in which Nancy has taken part of in collaboration with MBC Group.

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