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I also came on to see Kyle but ended up watching Adam and Matt.

Very hot video, the kissing makes the video that much better because you don't expect it. Came to this site for Kyle but clearly staying for Adam. The way it starts out with Matt and Adam just hanging out on the couch watching tv (, that gave me a laugh) made the anticipation of things to come that much more intense.

I didn’t even want to break the mood to have them put their masks back on.

Each Of these guys exhibits an eroticism that is beyond words ~ sexy stud Matt shares Carlo's leadership vibe and is volcanic and "take charge" while Adam who boasts an amazing body and sweet muscle ass is smoldering charisma waiting to be "taken" by his bro.

I think his prolonged hesitation about filming with me had very little to do with the concept of guy on guy, or what some might call forbidden sex, yet had far more to do with the fear that he actually might like it.

t was no doubt, the unique set up of The Muscle Mafia and how I do things here that made him let go of his fears and actually see things from a different perspective.

The release of this film got bumped up and sped up because of last weeks release of #83 “Brotein Shake: Matt and Adam’s Special Blend”. Adam, as you read in his profile was a tough one to finally get on film, and when he did none of us could have predicted what I was able to bring out of him.

Frankly I am not too into using the word “Bromance” in a serious way but it does describe that special bond, that chemical comfort level and genuine connection between 2 guys.

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Here's to the chance to more of Matt breeding Adam!

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