Teenage girl athletes and dating violence

A total of 1,648 male high school athletes who indicated they had been in at least one relationship with a girl for more than one week were included in the analysis.

The boys, who were in ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades, were asked about their attitudes toward gender and what's expected from males and females in relationships.

"That's in the entire sample and it's a pretty strong association." Moreover, football and basketball players tended to have more hyper-masculine attitudes about gender and relationships than wrestlers, swimmers and tennis players, who held more equitable attitudes about males and females.

Overall, boys who played both football and basketball were twice as likely to have abused their dating partners as the other boys, while boys who only played football were about 50 percent more likely to have abused their partners.

Although the current day risks and stresses in the lives of adolescent girls must be understood, they should not be the defining factors in discussions of adolescent girls.

There must be a focus on what is working for adolescent girls, and why to assist adolescent girls in navigating these risks during their development.

Teenage boys who played football, basketball or both were about twice as likely as other boys to have recently abused their girlfriends in a new study from California.

Researchers say the "hypermasculine" attitudes encouraged in some sports may foster aggression off the field, but the locker room can also be a place to teach boys about healthy relationships and avoiding violence.

The task force will also identify gaps and inconsistencies in research, education, practice, and public policy.He said there's a "spillover theory" that says "what you do in your everyday life tends to spillover" into relationships."So it's kind of like mixed messages - and this is what is happening early with youth sports - (kids are told) to do one thing in the sport, yet when you're in the context of relationships, that behavior's not acceptable," Merten said."How Do I Evolve From Confusion and Chaos to a Capable, Strong, Compassionate Woman?" Age 15 For a complex set of reasons, most of what is known about adolescent girls focuses on the problems they face.

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"We need to create a safe place for our youth to discuss healthy masculinity, healthy relationships and the idea that violence never equals strength," said Heather Mc Cauley, a researcher at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, who led the study. S., women experience 2 million injuries from intimate partner violence each year, and nearly one quarter of women experience violence by a current or former spouse or boyfriend at some point in their lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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