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NET postbacks within the context of a Java Script XMLHttp Request.

However, there are significant performance considerations to bear in mind, both in terms of behavior and speed.

By default, when a partial page render is triggered, all Update Panel controls on the page will be refreshed, whether or not the Update Panel controls defined triggers for such action.Enabling partial rendering with this default page is as simple as revisiting Step 10 of this walkthrough and dropping controls onto the page.Markup-Enabled Properties: Quite simply, the above script registers a callback with the client-side AJAX runtime for when the asynchronous request has been completed.For example, if one Update Panel defines a Button control, and that Button control is clicked, all Update Panel controls on that page will be refreshed by default.This is because, by default, the , which means that the Update Panel will only be refreshed if a specific trigger is hit.

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