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In most cases, the results show a satisfactory agreement between ESR and both these and previously published U-series dates (M.

This emphasizes the difficulty of experimental measurement of τ.

The chemicals in each layer reflect conditions in the ocean when the layer formed.

Like the scaly coverings of foraminifera and other marine organisms, the ratio of heavy and light oxygen in coral growth bands provide a record of temperature and rainfall during the growing season.

(Photograph courtesy NOAA Photo Library) One of the most significant clues to climate in coral comes from the chemistry of the bands.

Each of the light/dark bands in this x-ray of a cross-section of a coral core formed during a year of growth.

The surface of the coral (grown most recently) is on the left, and older bands extend to the right.

ESR and U-series (U) dates for corals and molluses in North Barbados do not support the suggestion of N. Whereas the experimentally determined mean life (τ) of trapped electrons is only 500,000 yr for the ambient temperature in Barbados, there is no evidence from the comparison between ESR and other dates for thermal fading.

Raised reef tracts are assigned to high sea stands from successive interglacial stages 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Unpublished Thesis, Mc Gill University, Montreal) that this region has subsided during part of the past 125,000 yr.

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Further, reef coral has a symbiotic relationship with algae that use photosynthesis to produce energy.

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